about company

DEHT S.A. was created to develop technology of DEHT production in an industrial scale.

DEHT – di (ethylhexyl) terephthalate, also known as DOTP – is a non–phthalate plasticizer, used primarily as an additive to soft PVC, used to produce insulation for electric wires, “eco–leather” and inflatable toys.

Our solution is to use PET waste – polyethylene terephthalate, such as bottles (also made of recycled PET), nonwovens, production waste, as a raw material for the production of DEHT. According to our technology, approx. 40% of the raw material for synthesis comes from recycling. At present, DEHT is made from petroleum products – terephthalic acid and 2–ethylhexanol – exclusively from petroleum products.

The by–product of the synthesis is ethylene glycol. This by–product is valuable chemical used as a raw material for the production of heat transfer fluids in the automotive industry or for synthesis of PET.

Regardless of the environmental factor, the product obtained according to our technology should be cheaper in production when compared to the technology currently in use.